5 Ways Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Hair Health

Made from raw or dry coconuts, coconut oil is a brilliant and absolutely natural product for your hair. In India, coconut oil has been traditionally used to not only cook food in but also to apply on the skin and hair. The main reason behind this centuries-long use of coconut oil is simple – this oil is packed with saturated fats, minerals and polyphenols.

Because coconut oil is fatty, it may not be the best idea to consume too much of it in your food. But it’s because it is fatty, and has a huge amount of lauric acid (a heart-healthy fatty acid), that it can be really beneficial for your skin and hair when topically applied. The following are the key benefits you can gain from applying coconut oil on your scalp and hair.

  1. Helps hair grow long

Not only is coconut oil deeply nourishing but is also known to help clear out the sebum build-up from the hair follicles and penetrates the cuticles too. This not only makes the hair grow healthier and thicker but also speeds up the growth of hair. Applying a good coat of coconut oil or making a hair mask out of it once a month can help your hair grow long and strong.

  1. Prevents dandruff

Regular application of coconut oil on your scalp can prevent dryness, which helps tackle dandruff. The nourishing effect coconut oil has on the scalp is bolstered by its antifungal properties, which also help prevent other scalp infections apart from dandruff. If you don’t want to leave coconut oil in your hair overnight, which can be effective but feel very greasy, then apply it on your scalp an hour before washing your hair and let it rest.

  1. Treats split ends

Studies show that coconut oil is absorbed better than any other hair oil by your hair, which helps strengthen it enough to prevent breakage and split ends. Some studies even suggest that applying coconut oil before showering and leaving it in your hair as a leave-in conditioner can also replenish your hair’s protein levels, preventing split ends.

  1. Prevents hair damage

Heat, cold air and even dying your hair can have a damaging effect on your tresses. Coconut oil has protective fatty acids, particularly lauric acid, which help prevent hair damage. Applying generous amounts of coconut oil in your hair a day before you go in to get your hair dyed can even protect your hair from the harmful effects of bleach. Regularly using coconut oil on your hair can also keep the frizz in check.

  1. Kills lice naturally

Lice outbreaks, especially among kids, is often inevitable. When such outbreaks do occur, they also spread to the rest of the family very quickly. The treatment for lice often involves the application of harsh chemicals that not only kill lice but also damage your hair. Coconut oil application is a natural method of killing lice and lice eggs while maintaining your hair health. Use it as a hair and scalp mask and apply it thickly and seal the entire head to deal with lice.